Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO


Salvis CucinaEVO: the compact models

Slim & smart

The lean design of the new generation Salvis CucinaEVO is the right solution for every kitchen space. Excellent cooking and baking results guaranteed!
Whether in a small hotel kitchen up a mountain or in a nursery canteen - preparing menus is child's play, just where you need them.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Length only 55cm
  • Intuitive touch control panel with clear pictograms
  • Door with triple insulating glazing and reflexisolation
  • AQA - Automatic Quantity-Adjustment
  • Choice of 2 ECO-Autoclean systems
  • State-of-the-art Design
  • Subsequent purchase options à-la-carte.
  • Condensations hood and cupboard built-in installation solutions  available
Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO 623T
Salvis CucinaEVO 623T
Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO 611T
Salvis CucinaEVO 611T
Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO 1011T
Salvis CucinaEVO 1011T