Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO


Salvis CucinaEVO: The large versatile models

Workhorses in the production kitchen

They are the cornerstone of the kitchen. For catering, hotel, à-la-carte and banquet cuisine, the large cooking space provides maximum performance combined with accurate cooking and baking results. The rock-solid workhorse takes off the load with technical innovations and self-explanatory touch controls.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Size of Cooking chamber always GN 2/1
  • Pro Version always with ECO Auto Clean system
  • Intuitive touch control panel with clear pictograms
  • Door with triple insulating glazing and reflex isolation
  • AQA - Automatic Quantity Adjustment
  • Choice of 2 ECO-Autoclean systems
  • State-of-the-art Design
  • Subsequent purchase options à-la-carte.
  • Condensations hood available
  • 4 in 1 cooking chamber concept - crosswise & lengthwise insertion, baking trays BN und GN 2/1
  • Stunning operating cost even with double cooking chamber size
Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO 611QT/621QT
Salvis CucinaEVO 611QT/621QT
Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO 1011QT/1021QT
Salvis CucinaEVO 1011QT/1021QT

Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO 2011QT/2021QT
Salvis CucinaEVO 2011QT/2021QT