Optional Features

Built-in installation solution

The clever built-in installation solution for Salvis CucinaEVO 623T is now available for perfect integration with elegant design for your office kitchen, communal kitchens, kindergartens and schools, for kitchens in residential groups of nursing homes and kitchens in retirement homes.

Your advantages:

  • Particularly easy to clean due to the pull-out rotary function
  • Shorter service times due to simplified access
  • No steam or heat generation due to the powerful condensation hood
  • Safety door lock in combination with condensation hood

  • 2018-03-19 SALVIS CucinaEVO Einbauversion 01
  • 2018-03-19 SALVIS CucinaEVO Einbauversion 02
  • 2018-03-19 SALVIS CucinaEVO Einbauversion 03
  • 2018-03-19 SALVIS CucinaEVO Einbauversion 04
  • 2018-03-19 SALVIS CucinaEVO Einbauversion 05
  • 2018-03-19 SALVIS CucinaEVO Einbauversion 06

Banqueting System

 300, 600 or more perfectly re-heated servings in a short time and immediately served hot. Pre-production, chilling and later arranging on plates, trays or GN containers. Exact metering of moisture makes it impossible for water or dried food to remain on the plate.

The benefits at a glace:

  • 3 selectable vitalising processes for plates, GN containers or banquet system, can be set individually.
  • After vitalising has been completed successfully, can bei saved as a favourite or in the Cookbook.
  • Thermal hood keeps food on plates or platters ready to be served for up to 20 minutes.
  • Flexible use: Optinal plate or GN slide-in rack, plates or GN rack trolley.

Salvis CucinaEVOBanquet Systems

  • 24 plates 32 cm ø in the Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO 6 x GN 1/1 QT
  • 40 plates 32 cm ø in the Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO 10 x GN 1/1 QT
  • 80 plates 32 cm ø in the Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO 20 x GN 1/1 QT
  • 102 plates 28 cm ø in the Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO 20 x GN 2/1QT

  • 1011qt bankettwagen gn
  • 1011qt bankettwagen teller
  • bankettsystem 1
  • bankettsystem 2
  • bankettsystem 3


Dual rack stations are high-performance production units with minimum space requirements. The separate controls let you set different climate zones for all production processes. Available for T and QT models.

  • 611QT-611QT doppelstock ug kondensationshaube
  • 611qt 1011qt doppelstock
  • 623T-623T doppelstock ug

Condensation Hood

The Salvis CucinaEVO condensation hood is a complete attachment unit for Combi-Steamers for condensing the steam generated during cooking. The innovative solution for all front areas and wherever the installation of a suitable ventilation system would otherwise entail high investment costs. The compact and attractive unit adapts to any environment.

The compact, attractive design with a low height sits flush with the outer edge of the Salvis CucinaEVO Combi-Steamer, providing a visually uniform appearance. Low-noise fans ensure a significant reduction of odours in the room. High condensation efficiency of over 80% with minimum power consumption without water consumption thanks to air cooling.

Control and power supply are provided by the Combi-Steamer. The four-stage fan air capacity is controlled automatically, depending on the operating status of the Combi-Steamer. Steam and vapour are condensed and extracted during cooking by 4 heat exchangers. The condensate runs through the integrated drain and directly into the drainage system of the Combi-Steamer.


  • 1011QT kondensationshaube
  • 611QT-611QT doppelstock ug kondensationshaube
  • 611QT kondensationshaube
  • 611T kondensationshaube
  • 623T kondensationshaube