Salvis CucinaEVO Pro

Operating convenience par excellence

The Salvis Pro control system actively supports the implementation of quality standards. The sophisticated, preset cooking programs and custom recipes in your own cookbook guarantee consistent results.

  • Manual operation with four basic functions steam, combi-steam, hot air, vitalization
  • Cookbook with 300 programs up to 20 steps
  • Combi cooking with parallel cooking programs
  • Special programmes for meat preparation (DeltaT, NT cooking, soft cooking, Cook&Hold or insertion times). Sous Vide is optionally available
  • Favorite mode - direct access to the 15 most important recipes
  • Bakery mode with ml-exact steam addition, rest periods and 6 air speeds
  • Preset vitalization processes for plates, GN or banquet system
  • 9 cooking methods (grilling, braising, stewing, defrosting, etc.) as shortcuts
  • Combi-Step function for combining up to 20 cooking steps
  • HACCP export via USB
  • Data transfer from photos, cooking programs or personal settings

Program operation, cookbook with 3 fingertips

Combi-Steamer Salvis Cucina Steuerung Pro           Combi-Steamer Salvis-CUCINA Steuerung Pro      Combi-Steamer Salvis-CUCINA Steuerung Pro

            Select cookbook operation                           Select product to be cooked and start                Display during cooking process