Boiling Pan Salvis-Crystal Pro

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Salvis-Crystal Pro Boiling Pan

Simple control processes with the touch display. Self-explanatory menu guiding. Easy-to-understand display symbols guide you easily through the self-explanatory menu to all operating options. Easy to read even from a distance. The smooth surface offers a high standard of hygiene. The inclined, flush position of the operating field protects the surface against damage.

Multi stage cooking processes (up to 16 stages) offer a large selection of options through time, temperature and function settings. The power control allows even long cooking processes to be optimised. The enclosed, indirect heating system in the double jacket of the kettle generates a working steam pressure of 1.5 bar for up to 40 % reduction in heating time. The deep-drawn kettles, which are pressed from one piece of high quality stainless steel, withstand continuous intensive use. A low temperature zone at the upper edge of the kettle increases safety and prevents the products from foaming up. The electrical control elements are operated with low voltage for improved safety in your kitchen.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Soft program with reduced and limited bottom temperature for delicate foods which burn easily.
  • Inner kettle with welded spout
  • Double walled lid with balancing hinge and stop damper
  • Optimum control action even with very low fill levels
  • Reduced temperature at boiler edge due to welded intermediate layer

Boiling Pan Salvis-Crystal Pro   

Boiling Pan