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Salvis-Crystal ProPressure braising pan

Simple control processes with the touch display. Self-explanatory menu guiding. Easy-to-understand display symbols guide you easily through the self-explanatory menu to all operating options. Easy to read even from a distance. The smooth surface offers a high standard of hygiene. The inclined, flush position of the operating field protects the surface against damage.

The pan bottom with 2 individually adjustable heating zones consists of a 15 mm thick aluminium heating block with a superimposed 18 mm compound layer with a stainless steel cooking surface. This provides best possible heat distribution into the corners of the pan – no burning, fast reaction times. The electronic control unit adjusts the power depending on the selected cooking method to keep the required temperature constant. In braising mode, the control is effected by 2 sensors in the pan bottom. The required power is supplied to keep the set temperature (up to max. 250 °C) without exceeding it. In cooking mode up to and including 110 °C, a food probe in the side wall is used for temperature control. In pressure mode – when the lid is closed and locked – the system automatically controls pressure and temperature for the pressure cooking process.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Multi function device which can be used as a frying pan, frying plate, kettle, steamer and pressure steamer.
  • Power block heating system with 2 independently adjustable heating zones
  • 2 bottom temperature probes and 1 wall temperature probe for optimum cooking process control
  • Even heat distribution, no sticking
  • Lid hinge with integrated steam feed
  • Lid with safety valve with automatic venting
  • Hinged lid closure, can be operated with a single move
  • Gentle pressure reduction through motor controlled ball valve
  • Lid seal easy to clean with large corner radii
  • Optionally with core temperature probe with 3 measuring points
  • The pressure technology allows great energy and water savings

Pressure braising pan Salvis-Crystal Pro   Pressure braising pan Salvis-Crystal Pro

Pressure Braising Pan 1200 mm                                     Pressure Braising Pan 1600 mm

Pressure bratt pan Salvis Crystal Pro - The multifunctional system solution for large capacities

Our Crystal Pro product line offers you high-performance gastro appliances for commercial kitchens, which are specially designed by our designers for high quantities of food and for continuous operation. The pressure bratt pan Salvis Crystal Pro is your versatile solution when it comes to cooking, frying or pressure cooking.

You can use this high professional catering equipment as a cooking kettle, frying pan, steam or pressure steam cooker, depending on your current requirements. It is controlled intuitively via the clearly laid out touch screen on the front of the versatile bratt pan.

The crucible base is divided into two heating zones which are controlled independently. The 15 millimetre thick cast aluminium heating block and the 18 millimetre thick compound layer ensure even heat distribution and convincingly high heat storage capacity. Regardless of the current mode, the bratt pan scores points with its short reaction time and does not let food stick or burn.

Several sensors integrated in the pan base and side wall ensure precise temperature control down to the degree. Automatic aeration and ventilation is provided by a safety valve in the lid of the pressure cooker. Our designers equip the model with a motor-controlled ball valve for gentle, safe pressure reduction in steam cooking mode.