Deep Fat Fryer

Salvis-Fryline Pro

The Pro line is available as floor mounted or as built-in model just as the Easy line, but with a plus on operation comfort. The Pro line Deep Fat Fryers are obtainable with the optional oil- / fat pump and filtration system and with the optional basket lifting device. Needless to say that also the combination of both options is possible. This relieves the optimal treatment and reduces the deterioration of the oil / fat and increases the useful life expectancy. Frying residues are simply collected by the dual filter system, and thus the profitability of the Deep Fat Fryers increases.


Fryline Pro Sfr21

Salvis Fryline Pro

Fryline Pro Sfr31

Salvis Fryline Pro

Fryline Pro Sfr41

Salvis Fryline Pro

Fryline Pro Sfr42

Salvis Fryline Pro