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Powerful. Sophisticated. Complete.

The Salvis Compactline table-top unit combines multifunction, efficiency and flexibility. State-of-the-art induction technology allows maximum convenience and operating safety.

Fresh food is everywhere! Whether a company canteen, football stadium, shopping centre or pasta restaurant on a sunny terrace, fresh food is a must in every kitchen. Salvis has the largest range of mobile thermal and neutral cooking units for every fresh food solution, either built into the Salvis furniture range, for example, or as plug-in tabletop units.

The Fresh&Smart mobile cooking station from Salvis eliminates cooking fumes and odours directly where they originate, revolutionising display cooking.



Modular cooking units + mobile cooking station - professional front cooking for every concept

Would you like to surprise your guests with new recipes and do you attach great importance to mobility? Salvis Smartline is your modular product line for flexible event cooking, catering kitchens with front cooking and party service. Simply assemble your individual kitchen from the compatible table-top and built-in cooking modules and prepare every dish in professional gourmet quality.

Modular cooking units + mobile cooking station represent a sophisticated kitchen system for a modern cooking experience. For gastro kitchens and catering we offer gas, ceramic and induction cooking units, grill and griddle plates (flat grill), deep fryers, pasta cookers and bain-maries. So you can not only prepare the food but also keep it warm and spoil your customers with a varied programme.

The mobile cooking station Salvis fresh'n smart has an integrated extractor fan which captures the vapours and fumes produced during cooking where they arise. The vapours are extracted from 3 sides, then cleaned by means of a sophisticated filter system and then returned to the room in an odourless state. For flexibility, we equip the mobile cooking station with castors.

Modular cooking units + mobile cooking station from Salvis meet high hygienic standards, are easy to clean and convince with safe use.