Modular cooking units

Salvis Compactline

Powerful. State-of-the-art technology allows maximum convenience and operating safety. Multifunctional. Efficient. Flexible.

Salvis Compactline is the cost efficient entry level into frontcooking-technology, with convincing quality and simple elegance. The easy rotary switch allows fast and energy saving operation. An eye catcher in front cooking areas, in bistros and kitchens that cook with fresh ingredients. Efficient wherever energy is required quickly.

The table-top units comes with one cooking zone and the inductions unit is available at two different power levels.

Infinitely adjustable power guarantees that food of all kinds can be prepared at the right temperature. The new Salvis Compactline is an easy-to-use and highpowered cooking unit. The elegant and slim chromium-nickel steel housing is eye-catch ing wherever it goes. The flush 6mm-thick ceramic glass plate not only provides stability, but real safety as well. The induction cooking zone is fitted with an electronic pan detection system, so it only consumes power when the cooking surface is being used, thereby automatically reducing energy costs.



Ceran Induktion Salvis Compactline web     Wok Salvis Compactline Web    Ceran Induktion Salvis Compactline web

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