Modular cooking range


The perfect system solution for professional cuisine, on either a small or a large scale.
Simple. Individual. Extensible.

Do you want to fascinate your guests with frontcooking, entertain them with promotion days, set new trends in the terrace business or in party service? Then the Salvis-Smartline range is just right for you! The clever, individually expandable system solution includes 29 different modules. It can be extended subsequently.

Application options

All Salvis-Smartline units are available as tabletop and as built-in units and can easily be combined with any standard supporting structure. Tabletop models 208/218 mm high give you the ideal working height. Do you want more flexibility and mobility? This is what the Salvis-Fresh&Smart mobile cooking station was developed for. It has room for two Salvis-Smartline units that can be swapped over in seconds if needed. Simply unplug, swap over the unit, plug it in and off you go!

All Salvis-Smartline tabletop and built-in units are available not only in the well-known Salvis-red & white design, but also with a control panel in elegant grey.

Salvis-Smartline Tabletop  Salvis-Smartline Induction grey Salvis-Smartline pasta cooker greySalvis-Smartline built-in units