Salvis-Smartline combi-griddle

Modular cooking range

Salvis-Smartline Combi-Griddle

The Smartline table-top  Combi-Griddle plate is the universal multifunctional modular appliance for every use. In the 65mm deep, large-capacity tub, food can be fried first and then cooked without unnecessary rearrangement. The hygienic, heat-resistant Teflon closure ensures that the generously dimensioned spout faces the front. Nothing sticks to the frying surface with special coating when the Smartline Combi-Griddle is used as a frying plate.


  • Smooth flat frying surface
  • All-round seamlessly welded frying surface with rounded corners for optimum cleaning and hygiene
  • tub depth 65 mm
  • 15 mm thick plate for optimal temperature storage
  • Temperature range +80 ° C to +250 ° C
  • 1 heating zone
  • Uniform, full-surface heat distribution through tubular heating elements
  • Generously dimensioned drain to the front with Teflon closure
  • Infinitely variable temperature regulation with rotary knob
  • With operation indicator lamp and lamp for indicating the heating phase for each heating zone
  • Available as tabletop unit or as built-in module
  • Power supply cable (1.5 m)
  • Height-adjustable feet

Combi-Griddle Salvis Smartline - functional cooking module for versatile use

With the Smartline product line you can flexibly arrange your catering kitchen according to your current needs and the requirements of your guests. Smartline offers you an uncomplicated system solution for canteen kitchens, event gastronomy, front cooking and catering. All cooking units are compatible with each other and can be exchanged as required.

The Combi-Griddle offers you the perfect opportunity to prepare dishes floating in fat such as cordon-bleu or baked fish fillets. Ragout, sauce preparations, pasta and rice dishes complete the range of applications. With the net content of 7l, curries can be prepared efficiently and kept warm just like shashlik skewers in sauce.

The Combi-Griddle convinces with an extra smooth surface and a 70 mm deep tub with a high capacity. The temperature can be set continuously and precisely up to 250 degrees Celsius using the rotary control. The Teflon closure together with the spout to the front makes it easier for you to operate the cooking module. Thanks to the rounded corners, cleaning the Combi-Griddles from Salvis Smartline is very easy.