Technical data

Thermal cooking range Salvis-Smartline

Type Item No.
Table model
Item No.
Built-in model
Connected load
Voltage/ Fuses
Induction cooking unit 1 zone
3.5 kW
5.0 kW
230 V 1N 50/60 Hz
400 V 3 50/60 Hz
Induction cooking unit 2 zones BI371822
2 x 3.5 kW
2 x 5.0 kW
400 V 3 50/60 Hz
400 V 3 50/60 Hz
Induction wok
3.5 kW
5.0 kW
230 V 1N 50/60 Hz
400 V 3 50/60 Hz
Ceramic cooking unit 2 zones BI371820 BI371821 A 2 x 2.5 kW 400 V 3 50/60 Hz
Gas cooking unit natural gas H 1) BI371922 BI371923 A front 5.0 kW
back 3.5 kW
Grill plate narrow special steel
BI371848 BI371935 A 4.0 kW 400 V 2 50/60 Hz
Grill plate wide special steel
BI371819 BI371808 B 2 x 4.0 kW 400 V 3 50/60 Hz
Grill-Griddle plate wide special steel
BI371804 BI371805 B 2 x 4.0 kW 400 V 3 50/60 Hz
Griddle plate narrow special steel
BI371800 BI371801 A 4.0 kW 400 V 2 50/60 Hz
Griddle plate wide special steel
BI371802 BI371803 B 2 x 4.0 kW 400 V 3 50/60 Hz
Griddle plate 800 special steel BI372100 - 800 x 615 x 208-218 2 x 4.2 kW 400 V 3N 50/60 Hz
Combi-Griddle BI371806 BI371807 A 4.0 kW 400 V 2 50/60 Hz
Bain-Marie BI371854 BI371855 A 1.8 kW 230 V 1N 50/60 Hz
Pasta cooker
BI371828 BI371829 A 6.0 kW 400 V 3N 50/60 Hz
Work unit with drawer
BI371856 - A Assembly size: max. GN 1/1-100
Deep fryer BI371840 BI371841 A 6.0 kW 400 V 3N 50/60 Hz
Silofrit BI371852 BI371853 A 1.0 kW 230 V 1N 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: W x D x H in mm, type A: 380 x 6002) x 208/218; Typ B: 580 x 6002) x 208/218
Accessories and special voltages available upon request. Circuit diagrams and technical details are included in the operating instructions.
Subject to changes in power, dimension and constructions.
1) Other types of gas on request. 2) Plus 15 mm wall distance.

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