Pressure Steamer Salvis-Vitality Pro

Pressure Steamer

Salvis-Vitality Pro

Perfect cooking results in record time. Efficient. Healthy. Top quality.

The combination of steam and pressure allows optimized heat transfer and shortens the cooking by up to 70 %.

Color, vitamins and minerals are as well preserved as the juice from the cooked foods and its natural aroma. The excellent quality of the Salvis Pressure Steamer Vitality Pro ensures a long product life and offers an optimal price/performance ratio.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Core temperature probe
  • The integrated water softener with hardness grade adaptation saves the appliance and thus increases its product life
  • AQA – Automatic Quanty Adaptation
  • Steam technology for quick steaming
  • HACCP – Protected Salvis interface
  • Integrated steam condensation device
  • Easy to clean
  • Up to 65 % in energy savings

The pressure steamer is a highly energy efficient device as you can see from the comparative energy consumption with the Combi-Steamer.     

Pressure Steamer Salvis-Vitality Pro     Pressure Steamer Salvis-Vitality Pro     Pressure Steamer Salvis-Vitality Pro     Pressure Steamer Salvis-Vitality Pro    

Salvis-Vitality Pro          Integrated water softener               HACCP-Protocol                  Core temperature probe