Deep Fat Fryers Salvis-ProfiLine

Food service equipment

Salvis ProfiLine Deep Fat Fryers

Programmable Oil- / fat utilization time. AQA automatic quantity adjustment.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Seamless deep drawn pan, seamlessly welded-in with easy to clean radii and big foam breaking zone.
  • Swivelling flat tube heating element with an integrated electronic temperature thermostat and an independent safety thermostat ensures precise temperature regulation, energy, transmission and safety.
  • Easy to operate control panel with an integrated keypad flush.
  • Electronic control panel Pro with a digital display for actual and preset temperatures. 4 keys for variable adjustment of temperature and time. Programmable oil/fat utilization time for an optimum control of fat usage. AQA Automatic quantity adjustment for perfect food quality.
  • Range of temperature from 50 – 190 °C with precise temperature recognition of +/- 1 °C.
  • Automatic fat melting cycle in preheating phase.
  • Stand-by function to save energy.
  • Pull-out oil collector below on rollers. Double fat/oil filter system with coarse and fine filters.
  • Optionally equipped with basket lifting device and/or fat/oil pump system.

  • pl880989 einbeckenfritteuse 31 pro
  • pl880990 einbeckenfritteuse 41 pro
  • pl880991 zweibecken-fritteuse 42 pro
  • pl880991 zweibecken-fritteuse detail 04
  • pl880991 zweibecken-fritteuse detail display