Tilting Pan Salvis-ProfiLine

Food service equipment

Salvis ProfiLine Tilting Pan

Convenient operation. Simple. Precise.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Simple and precise tilting via key pad operated motor.
  • Easy to clean Tilting Pan in radius construction made of stainless steel 1.4301 with weld-in pan bottom made from high grade special steel with high heat conductivity and even heat distribution.
  • Double walled spring loaded and balanced lid with handle bar.
  • Electric version: Clear membrane keypad with individual input of temperature, time and start time. LED display: target temperature and time display; current values can be displayed. Heating by special heating units. High-quality heat insulation.
  • Gas model: Heating by atmospheric burner with pilot flame. Thermoelectric ignition safety device with piezoelectric ignition. Thermostatic temperature control. Exhaust duct on the rear wall, gas supply through tilting pan pivots. High-quality heat insulation. Built-in gas shut-off valve.

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Tilting Pan Salvis ProfiLine - prepare large quantities of food in an energy-efficient and food-friendly way

Use our large-scale cooking appliances to equip your gastro kitchen with professional, high-performance equipment. Salvis ProfiLine tilting frying pans is your modern, ergonomic and energy-saving solution for the preparation of large volumes of fried food.

The professional tilting frying pan from our range can be controlled intuitively via the foil keypad, where you can set the target temperature, the cooking time and activate the timer. The display shows the actual and target temperature and also the remaining time. The cooking temperature can be set precisely, the frying pan reacts quickly to your specifications and helps you to realise even complicated recipe ideas. The motorised tilting function saves your energy and time. Thanks to the even heat distribution, you achieve optimum results when frying, and the model's high heat storage capacity helps you to cook in an energy-efficient and therefore environmentally friendly way.

Our tilting frying pans are available according to your wishes in the versions electric with a special heating element and gas with heating by a burner with piezo ignition, pilot flame and a gas stopcock.