Salvis-Classic and Salvis-Vitesse

For every type of application. High quality. Versatile. Quick.

The robust design ensures a long service life. The smooth running roller system additionally makes height adjustment of the heating reflector very easy. The Salamander fit into any kitchen thanks to their versatile mounting options.

Already complies with the Swiss requirements of the ENEV from 1.1.2024!

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NEW: e-Salamander Classic

The new e-Salamander Salvis Classic remains simply cold without the presence of a dish. Its operation is exclusively via plate recognition, eliminating manual operation. The "e" stands for simple, energy-saving, efficient or ambitious, for those who set goals for energy saving.

The automatic plate recognition detects the dish from about 200 g, no matter where it is positioned. In no time. With heating times of a few seconds, it brings a dish to temperature, melts it, grills it, or simply keeps it hot.



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Your Salvis Salamander Advantages

  • Energy savings of up to 70 % thanks to automatic plate detection in the Classic and Classic Pro models
  • The constructionally sophisticated heating reflector is equipped with a patented double jacket on all models.
  • The handle bar always remains cold even in continuous operation
  • All models are equipped with a timer and automatic switch-off.
  • 3 operating modes can be selected: Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic.
  • High-quality workmanship, large radii and folding plate support make cleaning quick and easy.
  • Choice of heating systems : tubular radiator (RH) and fast HiLight radiator (HL).
  • Salvis' innovative technology enables efficient production with minimum energy consumption. 

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Professional Salamander from Salvis - keep warm and gratinate professionally

Salamander by Salvis- are your smart solution for keeping food warm an gratinate to perfection.. Is the dish ready, but has to wait a while for its use? This is exactly where Salamander appliances from our Vitesse, Classic and Classic Pro product series come into play. The Salamander technology convinces with high flexibility and ease of operation. Keep the dishes warm for your guests over a longer period of time without loss of vital substances and taste qualities.

The Salvis Salamander for professional kitchen offers a stable hot plate and a continuously height-adjustable heating reflector for precise temperature adjustment. Every model in our series has a timer and switches off automatically.

You can choose between three operating modes and operate the Salamander warming appliances in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic mode. Regardless of the operating mode, the professional Salamander for chefs works energy-efficiently, with two heating modes - via tubular heating elements or an extra powerful HiLight heating system - to choose from.

Safe operation is ensured by a handle bar which remains pleasantly cool even in continuous operation. All Gastro Salamanders are easy to clean and therefore meet high standards of hygiene.