Salvis-Classic and Salvis-Vitesse

For every type of application. High quality. Versatile. Quick.

The robust design ensures a long service life. The smooth running roller system additionally makes height adjustment of the heating reflector very easy. The Salamander fit into any kitchen thanks to their versatile mounting options.


The well-designed heat reflector is equipped on all models with a patented double coat and a smart heating system; it prevents high temperatures on the reflector handle.


You will always achieve constant results, as the device will automatically switch off after the desired gratination time.


You have three operating modes to choose from. Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic.


Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, large radii and the foldable plate rest, the cleaning process is quick and simple.

Heating systems

For all models, you have the choice between the traditional Pipe heater (RH) and the fast HiLight heater (HL).

Advantages of the Salvis plate detection

The innovative technology offered by Salvis allows efficient production with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Highest saving potential thanks to sophisticated technology.

Salamander energy comparison    Salvis Eco Technology
energy comparison


  • 01 salamander vitesse
  • 02 salamander classic-pro
  • 03 salamander classic grau
  • 04 heizschlange hl
  • 05 heizschlange rh
  • 06 salamander untergestell
  • 07 salamander deckenmontage
  • 08 salamander wandmontage
  • 09 Salamander herdmontage

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