Sous-vide circulator

Salvis-SousChef accessories

The perfect accessories for perfect cooking results.

The range of accessory products facilitates workflows and supplements the Sous-vide system.

Separating grille

The separating grille can be used to divide various products into different zones in a bath.

  • Overview in the à-la-carte and in production
  • Different cooking times or products are always orderly arranged


Salvis-SousChef Abtrenngitter

Cover grille

Light products are always kept under water during the entire Sous-vide process. This ensures reliable and uniform production.

  • Certain HACCP guarantee
  • Uniform cooking results


Salvis-SousChef Abdeckgitter

Bottle holder

The bottle holders with the sizes 0.5 l and 1 l supplement the system concept. Finest textures for the protein component and the matching sauce or foam always ready for the dish.

  • Practical utilisation of the pan.
  • The right sauce always ready at the right temperature


Salvis-SousChef Falschenhalter