Salvis AG sets an example

Save energy. Anyone commuting on the A2 motorway between Bern and Zurich in the evening or early morning will no longer see the illuminated Salvis logo at Oftringen. We have decided to make our contribution to saving energy - among other things with this measure - during the winter months until the end of March.

Internally, we have also supplemented our house rules with a whole package of larger and smaller measures to reduce energy consumption. For example, we only run the office dishwasher when it is completely full, PCs and monitors are not only switched to standby but completely switched off at night, and lighting is switched to energy-saving LED lamps wherever possible.

The newly implemented measures are thus in line with our sustainable corporate philosophy. Our thermal cooking systems and appliances also have an overall ecological concept that takes all resources into account. For example, the installation of heat exchangers in the pressure steamer and combi steamer in order to use the waste heat effectively by heating the water. The triple glazing on all combi steamers leaves the energy where it belongs - in the cooking chamber. And the plate detection system in the Salamander Salvis Classic reduces energy consumption by up to 65%, to name just a few examples.