United against foodwaste

Around one third of all edible food is lost or wasted between the field and the plate. A large part of this also occurs in the catering industry or in gastronomic businesses such as bakeries and butchers.

In general, a distinction is made between avoidable and unavoidable food losses.

Avoidable waste includes everything that is edible but does not find its way onto our plates. Reasons for this can be spoilage or quality defects, for example. With our daily look into the kitchens, we recognise great potential to avoid food waste.  

Salvis has been pursuing the smart cooking philosophy for many years. Behind this philosophy are innovative cooking systems with the most modern components. The intelligent and environmentally friendly Salvis GreenVAC reusable vacuum system forms the basis for this.

Salvis GreenVAC ensures maximum vacuum directly in the specially manufactured Gastronorm container. In addition to vegetables, potatoes and meat, pressure-sensitive products such as salads, berries and much more can also be vacuumed. The storage time is significantly extended by the Salvis GreenVAC vacuuming system and it makes a significant contribution to avoiding food waste. Small quantities can be removed at any time and the rest vacuumed again. This is extremely sensible from an ecological point of view, as it virtually eliminates the need for disposable vacuum bags.

Thanks to the Salvis VitalityEVO pressure steamer, it is possible to produce vegetables, starch side dishes, meat dishes or fish, even in large quantities, at short notice or at peak times. The combination of high pressure and steam brings nutritional benefits in addition to the enormous reduction in cooking time; the colours are brighter, the flavours more intense and the vitamins are preserved. If there is ever anything left over, it can simply be filled into GreenVAC containers through the smart cooking system, quickly cooled and vacuumed.

Our commitment and the exchange of knowledge together with "united against waste" and other solution providers helps us to significantly reduce food waste and thus to significantly support a global goal.

In our training courses and cooking seminars, we show the connections between increasing quality, reducing food waste and optimising work processes.