The new induction wok from the Salvis Compactline range.

Inspiring and elegant.

The new range of Salvis Compactline tabletop units is now complete. The outstanding features of the induction wok are its elegant design and efficiency.

The variety of application options for a wok are well known in the field of display cooking. Timeless in Asian cuisine with all its facets as well as in the ever popular Mediterranean cuisine, and not to forget regional specialities.

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Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO

The Salvis CucinaEVO is evolutionary kitchen technology.

The Salvis CucinaEVO is evolutionary kitchen technology.
Our philosophy is consistent: food first, technology second. True to our principles, we have focused on developing a fantastic food experience with state of the art Combi-Steamer technology in the new Salvis CucinaEVO Combi-Steamer. We have incorporated every requirement from chefs for a very easy to operate, powerful and perfectly equipped Combi-Steamer in the new Salvis CucinaEVO generation, working with our chefs in the development team. Well engineered and innovative cooking products.

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Salvis now on the move on social networks

Pinterest - images say more than 1000 words

The entire Salvis smart cooking world now in images too

The world is becoming increasingly more global and colourful - imagery facilitates communication. Chefs, executive chefs and directors - you can now network, because the kitchen is no longer restricted to your own four walls. Creativity knows no boundaries.

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Salvis GreenVAC

The Innovative Vacuum Technology for the Kitchens of the Future!

A unique system for a single purpose - at any time and for every product: freshness!

Salvis GreenVAC is an environmentally reusable vacuum system. It guarantees a maximum vacuum directly into the specially made GN-containers. Pressure sensitive products such as salad and berries can also be directly vacuumed. Salvis GreenVAC prolongs storage, optimizes your "mise en place" and makes refilling per portion unnecessary. Salvis GreenVAC is not to be underestimated in its multi-functionality. In addition to the systematic stock management it is perfectly suited to the out-of-house and catering fields. From storage to production, then shock chilled with cold logistics to the customer which then vitalizes his menu in the same bowl. A sustainable concept – simply smart cooking.

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Salvis AG crowns its 100th anniversary

Professional cooks swear by Salvis systems

In 1915 Emil Salvisberg founded the sole proprietorship Salvis in Reussbühl (Lucerne). He thus laid the foundation stone for a company which made many milestones in gastronomy and catering. In this way, in 1919 Salvis produced the first electric cooker. In 1997, the company merged with Franke Verpflegungstechnik AG. The longstanding know-how of both companies was united and further perfected in the Salvis AG of today.

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