Ranges of hobs

Salvis Master

Master Compact

The range Salvis Master compact with the principle of plug-in & cook. The ideal solution for school canteens, bistro, pubs, children's day-care centres or small-scale catering concepts.

As a stand-alone unit or with the option of a plug-in seam, the range and adjacent work surface can be hygienically connected.

Examples of the highest ergonomic and hygienic standards are the flush-mounted hobs and the large, easy-to-clean radii in the
substructure. Additional frames for hygienic wall closure are available as an option.

The benefits at a glance:

  • High-performance flush-mounted infrared heating zones or induction technology.
  • Installation on height-adjustable stainless steel feet.
  • Reinforced 40mm cover in durable sandwich construction with 2+2mm.
  • Can be operated from one side
  • Substructure in standard hygienic design
  • 1 intermediate shelf is included


Optional variants Standard ranges

  • ƒ Installation on chrome steel base
  •  Plug-in seam connection right or left
  • ƒ Plug-in seam connection right & left
  • ƒ Frame CU100


Dimensional sketches

MH200121 Ceran
MH200201 InduktionRS
MH200221 InduktionFD