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Our Origins Oblige!

For several generations we have had our environment at heart. As a Swiss industrial company we are currently exporting our products to over 50 countries around the world. We are glad to take this responsibility seriously and develop and produce our equipment according to latest technological standards.

Our thermal cooking systems have a global ecological concept involving all kinds of resources, such as the installation of heat exchangers (Pressure and Combi-Steamers) in order to use waste heat effectively by using it to heat water. Threefold glazing in all Combi-Steamers assure that the energy is left where it belongs – in the oven chamber or by using the latest engine technology which positively influences the balance of energy up to 65% to name just a few factors.

When designing new kitchens we focus on the sustainably designed smart cooking system. This comprises the environmentally friendly Salvis-GreenVAC Vacuumtechnology which has been successful for over 20 years and which makes an active contribution to the reduction of food waste.

Our ecological thinking and action is a promise for the future!