Condensation Hood

The Salvis CucinaEVO condensation hood is a complete attachment unit for Combi-Steamers for condensing the steam generated during cooking. The innovative solution for all front areas and wherever the installation of a suitable ventilation system would otherwise entail high investment costs. The compact and attractive unit adapts to any environment.

The compact, attractive design with a low height sits flush with the outer edge of the Salvis CucinaEVO Combi-Steamer, providing a visually uniform appearance. Low-noise fans ensure a significant reduction of odours in the room. High condensation efficiency of over 80% with minimum power consumption without water consumption thanks to air cooling.

Control and power supply are provided by the Combi-Steamer. The four-stage fan air capacity is controlled automatically, depending on the operating status of the Combi-Steamer. Steam and vapour are condensed and extracted during cooking by 4 heat exchangers. The condensate runs through the integrated drain and directly into the drainage system of the Combi-Steamer.


1011QT kondensationshaube
611QT-611QT doppelstock ug kondensationshaube
611QT kondensationshaube
611T kondensationshaube
623T kondensationshaube