Salvis-Smartline grill-griddle plate

Modular cooking range

Salvis-Smartline Grill-Griddle Plate

The ideal modulare cooking range for all frying processes. Corrugated grill surface made of special steel with seamless transition to the inner casing. The combination of a smooth and a grooved zone. Thanks to the specially ground surface, the  Smartline Grill/Griddle plate is non-sticking  . The frying surface is lowered by 30mm and can be cleaned quickly and easily thanks to the large corner radii.


  • Grill-Griddle-Plate with grooved / smooth frying surface made of special steel
  • All-round seamlessly welded frying surface with rounded corners for optimum cleaning and hygiene
  • tub depth 30 mm
  • 15 mm thick griddle plate for optimal temperature storage
  • Temperature range +80 ° C to +250 ° C
  • 2 heating zones
  • Uniform, full-surface heat distribution through tubular heating elements
  • Removable, generously dimensioned grease collecting tray made of stainless steel in the cold zone
  • Infinitely variable temperature regulation with rotary knob
  • With operation indicator lamp and lamp for indicating the heating phase for each heating zone
  • Available as tabletop unit or as built-in module
  • Power supply cable (1.5 m)
  • Height-adjustable feet


Grill-Griddle Plate from Salvis Smartline - a powerful and versatile combination module

The Smartline product line from Salvis offers you a unique opportunity to easily put together your modular kitchen. Choose the cooking units you need and simply start cooking. The Smartline modules are just as suitable for your food truck, festival and catering service as for your restaurant kitchen. The grill-griddle plate is a compact and functional combination solution if you want to offer your guests a wide range of dishes.

The left griddle plate is suitable for preparing pancakes, eggs or seafood and on the right you grill juicy steaks and grilled vegetables simultaneously. You prepare your food quickly and with low fat. Our combined grill-griddle is ideal for modern, healthy and flexible cooking styles.

The modular Salvis Smartline Grill-Griddle has a recessed grease drip tray for easy operation, which our designers have deliberately placed in the cold zone. The temperature of the two sections can be controlled separately by a rotary control knob. The maximum temperature is 250° degrees Celsius. Rounded corners and smooth surfaces make cleaning easier for you and comply with current standards for restauarant-hygiene.