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Salvis CucinaEVO built-in installation solution

Salvis CucinaEVO combi-steamers are the perfect solution for school and residential group catering. The clever built-in solution is available for all Salvis CucinaEVO-T models.

The demands for efficiency and safety of today's catering concepts are high. In childcare centres, communal kitchens or residential groups, a combination of domestic kitchen with professional equipment is almost inevitable.

For this purpose, Salvis offers a manufacturing/production concept, which can be supplemented by other built-in thermal appliances. With a width of only 55cm, the Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO T models are among the narrowest professional combi-steamers on the market. The easy-to-use touch control, the safety concept and the fully automatic cleaning are convincing.

The touch control is simple and easy to understand - the symbols are self-explanatory.

The basic functions with steam, hot air and combination steam and vitalisation in the "Easy" control variant of the Salvis combi steamer are suitable for simple preparation kitchens with pre-produced dishes according to the cook&chill principle. But homemade dishes can also be prepared fresh individually.

The "Pro" control variant in the combisteamer with pre-programmed recipes also covers higher demands for dishes you prepare yourself. With the combi-cooking function, the many tried-and-tested cooking programmes make it easier to assign the right ingredients when several components are to be produced at the same time.

The clever built-in solution of the Salvis CucinaEVO combi steamers in the sizes 623T, 611T and 1011T integrates perfectly, with its elegant design, into existing or newly built kitchens in the communal sector, such as kindergartens and schools or residential kitchens in retirement homes.

The safety concept includes several factors, on the one hand the triple-insulated door for protection against burns. As a built-in variant, the door can only be opened in 2 stages. With the automatic cleaning systems of the built-in combi steamers, contact with the cleaner is excluded.

Your advantages:

  • Simple operation, perfect cooking results.
  • Automatic cleaning.
  • No steam or heat generation due to the powerful condensation hood.
  • Double safety door lock.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to simplified access (turntable).